Batemans Bay Orthodontics has been creating beautiful smiles in the community since 1979. With a highly experienced team, we pride ourselves on using the latest orthodontic technology to help straighten your smile.

Batemans Bay Orthodontics offers a wide range of orthodontic treatments including traditional braces, Invisalign, and custom made mouthguards.


Batemans Bay Orthodontics is your local trusted orthodontist that has been servicing the surrounding communities since 1979. Our orthodontic practice is committed to providing you and every patient with the highest quality treatment and care.

Dr Amee Ramesh - Specialist Orthodonist - Batemans Bay Orthodontics

Dr Amee Ramesh

Lead Dentist

Dr Amee Ramesh is our experienced lead orthodontist that loves transforming her patient's smiles to benefit their overall well-being. Amee is a specialist orthodontist that has worked in Europe and Australia. She leads the team at Batemans Bay Orthodontics and is your local specialist orthodontist ready to transform your smile!

Meet Our Team

Julie Shiels - Batemans Bay Orthodontics - Orthodonist Batemans Bay

Julie Shiels has been part of the Batemans Bay Orthodontic team for over 25 years and has over 40 years of experience in the dental industry

Julie Shiels

Practice Manager

Karyn Volf - Batemans Bay Orthodontics - Orthodonist Batemans Bay

Karyn’s 16 year career has seen her work in both general and specialist dental practices before joining the team at Batemans Bay Orthodontics in 2014.

Karyn Volf

Dental Assistant

Louise Shilling - Batemans Bay Orthodontics - Orthodonist Batemans Bay

After 18 years in Goulburn Louise moved to Batemans Bay in 2005 where she worked in general dentistry for 5 years before joining us in 2012.

Louise Shilling

Dental Assistant