Your smiles straight, it's now time to keep it that way! 

Orthodontic treatment doesn't end once you've had your braces removed. Retainers are designed to maintain the results that your orthodontic treatment has achieved. There are all different types of retainers including fixed and removable and which one is suitable for you with vary depending on your treatment. 

What is a Retainer?

As the name suggests, a retainer is designed to help retain the position of your teeth prior to orthodontic treatment. Our teeth shift as we get older and without a retainer, the effects of your orthodontic treatment will be reversed. Retainers are custom-made depending on your individual treatment plan. At Batemans Bay Orthodontics we offer both fixed and removable retainers

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As the name suggests, fixed retainers are permanently glued to the inside of the teeth after your orthodontic treatment. A permanent retainer is designed to prevent your teeth from shifting over time and keep your beautiful, straight smile. 

Removeable Retainers Batemans Bay Orthodontics - Orthodonist Batemans Bay


There a commonly two types of removable retainers, plates & clear retainers. A plate, or wire, retainer contains a custom-moulded acrylic base that is fitted to the roof of your mouth. Clear retainers are similar to a mouthguard but thinner. They're made of a thin, clear plastic that is moulded from your teeth. 

Your orthodontist will tell you how long you need to wear your retainer each day. Removable retainers need to be taken out for eating, cleaning and playing sport. 

Repairing Retainers

Whilst retainers are extremely durable we understand that accident can happen and they may become damaged or break. Good news is you can get in touch with our team at Batemans Bay Orthodontics and we can repair or replace your retainer for you.

It's important that you follow the care instructions given to you by our orthodontic team. This will reduce the risk of damaging your retainers and ensure that you maintain that straight smile you've worked so hard to get! If you do break, damage or lost your retainer please contact the Batemans Bay Orthodontic team and we will organise a replacement for you. 

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